Organizing Your Office for Workplace Efficiency

The first day of this workshop will introduce you to practical strategies to reclaim your workspaces and effectively manage the daily deluge of incoming information. You’ll learn how to structure paper, email and electronic information for easy filing and immediate access. You’ll also learn electronic tips and system options to reduce paper and manage data electronically.

On the second day, you will learn strategies and tools to apply time management principles in your daily work life and how to use electronic productivity tools (i.e. Outlook and Lotus Notes) to their full potential. You’ll also learn basic project management skills such as how to create project timelines and delegate effectively. Meeting management practices will be reviewed to help you maximize valuable meeting time.

During the second half of each day, our expert facilitators will work with you one-on-one to implement these organizational practices to complement your style in your workspace. For additional in-depth coaching, learn more about Efficiency and Productivity Coaching.

Key Benefits

  • Learn to build an intuitive filing system for paper, email and electronic documents
  • Manage phone and email communications in a timely manner
  • Discover how to become more organized electronically – “paperless”
  • Learn to manage office interruptions successfully
  • Create a project timeline and action plan for any project
  • Delegate tasks effectively
  • Conduct effective meetings to build team accountability and trust
  • Manage action items and tasks effectively
  • Maintain the order and systems created through the one-on-one time

Executive Core Qualification Focus
: Business Acumen
OPM Leadership Competencies Addressed: Flexibility; Resilience; Technology Management

Organizing Your Office for Workplace Efficiency is a 2-day workshop

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