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“Performance management consists of only two things: clear goals and effective feedback. Everything else is details. To lose sight of these fundamental leadership responsibilities is a disservice to the individuals, teams, and organizations we serve”
John McCann, Director of Training, CI International

Performance Appraisal Workshop Series

Our performance appraisal workshop series is comprised of 6 powerful and engaging modules. The series can be presented as a 3-day program, or each module can be presented individually as half-day programs. There is also a 2-hour webinar option for each module.

The modules are as follows:

1. Planning: Setting Goals and Expectations

A key element in improved performance is to establish a clear plan for success at the onset of the performance period. Learn how to write clear performance expectations and SMART goals that will build stronger relationships between you and your team and increase consensus around organizational goals.

2. Monitoring/Developing: Ongoing Feedback and Communications

This module focuses on giving and receiving effective performance feedback throughout the performance period. You’ll gain tools and techniques to better communicate with, and coach, your team and build their commitment to organizational goals.

3. Rating: Conducting the Performance Appraisal Session

Learn how to share observations and conclusions regarding performance, identify performance successes, discuss performance problems and set new expectations for the upcoming period.

4. Rewards: Providing Appropriate Rewards and Recognition

Rewards and recognition are among the most effective ways to increase morale, productivity, performance, and employee retention. Learn why most recognition programs miss the mark and how to identify and use the four key elements of effective recognition.

5. Performance: Addressing Under-Performance

Dealing with under-performers can be a supervisor’s most difficult job, yet the organizational culture and reputation are negatively affected by under-performers. This module focuses on how to confidently deal with under-performers in order to raise the bar for the entire team.

6. Assessments: Writing Effective Self Assessments

Much of an individual’s best work, and strongest contributions, may not be seen by the person rating them. This workshop helps employees accurately document and articulate accomplishments and performance data, and present it in a way that allows their supervisor to capture it on their performance appraisal.

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