Turning Personality Differences into Success

While it may seem logical to assume that people who share a similar role in your organization also think the same way, more often than not, their motivations, behaviors, values and even the path they take from A to B may be completely different from yours.

Personality differences play a significant role in our interactions with our coworkers and determine success on many levels. CI International offers workshops based on three well-known personality assessments:
These workshops are designed to help you explore normal personality differences and similarities and apply that knowledge directly to your unique circumstances. You will learn to value and expect differences in people, and about tools to manage those differences in the most constructive way.

Key Benefits

  • Understand normal personality differences and determine your best fit “true type”
  • Understand how your personality type impacts the type of leader you are
  • Understand how personality differences can be used to build and maintain effective teams

Executive Core Qualification Focus:
Leading People
OPM Leadership Competencies Addressed: Flexibility; Resilience; Leveraging Diversity; Team Building

Duration: One half day (4 hours) or 2-hour webinar for each assessment

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