Improve Performance through Project Management

CI’s Project Management Workshop introduces project managers and team leaders to key project management concepts and techniques. Project management success depends on establishing a clear mission and purpose and taking the necessary actions to improve performance. This workshop covers a wide range of topics including charter development, process development, project management lifecycle, roles and responsibilities, communication, project status, action planning and goal attainment.

Our unique approach supports cross-functional projects aimed at improving performance and meeting customer needs. We’ll help you identify your mission and vision and create a roadmap for getting there.

Key Benefits

  • Learn the principles of project management
  • Understand the Project Management Lifecycle
  • Develop a Team Charter to clarify the mission of the team and key measures that define success
  • Identify and create a sense of ownership, pride and confidence to deal with challenges
  • Identify key actions for implementing a project management approach
  • Identify the team you want and establish guidelines and operating standards for managing project status
  • Unite the project team under a common purpose so that “one voice” is heard when communicating key messages
  • Discuss ways to best utilize the collective expertise and experience of the individual team members
  • Identify roles and responsibilities

Executive Core Qualification Focus:
Results Driven
OPM Leadership Competencies Addressed:
Accountability; Decisiveness; Problem Solving; Service Motivation; Problem Solving

Half or full-day sessions available or a series of two 2-hour webinars

Create a Project Management Series by adding Leading by Example, Effective Meeting Management and Interpersonal Communication.

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