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"The course was phenomenal. Provided the necessary skills, constructive feedback, and introspection to take me to the next level. ...I recommend we bring this course back on a recurring basis. All employees would benefit!"
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Speak with Courage and Conviction

1.  High Impact Communication Workshop

The ability to clearly and concisely articulate ideas, cast a vision and articulate direction is essential for any leader to be successful. Poor communication skills are all too often cited as one of the main reasons for individual, team and organizational failure. As one of our most sought-after offerings, CI’s High Impact Communication Workshop provides a safe place for you to step out of your comfort zone and develop your presence, effectiveness and confidence as a speaker.

Over the course of this highly beneficial workshop, we’ll help even the most timid public speaker organize, prepare and deliver high-impact presentations aimed at developing stronger connections with audiences of one or one hundred. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced communicator, you’ll find this workshop to be an invaluable investment in your growth and success as a leader.

Key Benefits

  • Organize and deliver high-impact, professional briefings and presentations
  • Improve your ability to speak so others will listen and listen while others speak
  • Boost your confidence to speak even under pressure or in impromptu speaking situations
  • Communicate with authority and efficiency
  • Acquire non-verbal skills to command presence and increase credibility
  • Learn techniques to inform, inspire, persuade and call others to action
  • Maintain poise under fire and learn techniques for effective Q & A sessions

Executive Core Qualification Focus:
Building Coalitions/Communications
Leadership Competencies Addressed: Oral Communications; Influencing/Negotiating; Interpersonal Skills

Duration: 2 days or series of four 2-hour webinars

2.  Interpersonal Communication Workshop

To hear and be heard is at the heart of organizational success. Unfortunately, it also is at the heart of most organizational problems. CI’s Interpersonal Communication Workshop provides you with the dialog tools to overcome communication challenges and cultivate a culture where everyone is heard and understood.

Key Benefits

  • Acquire new tools for effective dialog and interpersonal communications
  • Learn the art and science of skillful discussion (dialog)
  • Enhance listening skills
  • Examine mental models and how they shape our view of the world
  • Develop skills for giving and receiving feedback

Executive Core Qualification Focus
: Building Coalitions/Communications
Leadership Competencies Addressed: Oral Communications; Influencing/Negotiating; Interpersonal Skills

Duration: 1 day or 2-hour webinar

Achieve More

Gain the benefits of both of these workshops at our 3-day Leader as Communicator Workshop or polish your writing skills in our High Impact Writing Workshop. If you’d like personal, one-on-one assistance in boosting your communication skills, consider our Executive Coaching services.

3.  Communication and Collaboration

Half-day in-person and 2-hour webinars to enhance your skills when you want to build partnerships and demonstrate openness.

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