Launching a New Team Well

A new office of 80 people was created and given immediate tasking in support of a high profile agency mission. These 80 people had never worked together as a full team. Most of them were from smaller teams of 6 – 8 people who knew each other well but were now going to have to work closely, and almost immediately, with the much larger group. They needed a common understanding of their new mission, a clear sense of roles and responsibilities, and a well-defined set of goals for the upcoming year. And it had to be done in one day.

We created an interactive workshop to achieve the following objectives:
  • Clarify/validate vision of the office
  • Improve communications between office divisions
  • Establish mutual expectations
  • Create a sense of connection and shared purpose
  • Reinforce the importance of teamwork, communications, and relationships
We achieved these objectives through a series of exercises and activities that built on each other. Team leader and participant feedback uniformly cited the value of the day and a sense of surprise that they were able to accomplish so much in so little time. In addition to the above objectives, they determined their 6 key strategic goals for the upcoming year, assigned action officers, and identified team members.

The ability to bring workshop-type activities to bear on an immediate and pressing issue is something that distinguishes CI. We don’t just present material and hope that participants find a way to use it. Rather, we regularly demonstrate an ability to bring models, tools, concepts, and information to bear to address systemic problems and strategic issues. This isn’t training for training’s sake. It’s training with a purpose and an identifiable outcome.