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“Effective performance management is the same whether or not an employee teleworks. Managers should measure employee performance by results, not physical presence.”
Daniel A. Green, Deputy Associate Director, Office of Personnel Management

Thriving through Telework and Mobile Work

Consistent with the new telework law, Federal agencies are working to increase the number of Federal employees engaged in telework. Telework, defined as working primarily in a traditional office environment, with the occasional workday outside the office, differs from mobile work, which is defined as working primarily outside the traditional office, with the occasional workday in the office. Both involve challenges in maintaining efficient, effective, and productive teams but are on different places in the continuum from traditional office work to working entirely outside the office.

CI International’s Telework and Mobile Work series address this continuum. We understand that organizations are at different levels of comfort with a telework/mobile work environment, and we’ve produced a range of workshops to ensure we meet the needs of all the Federal agencies we serve.

Just as with any successful team, leaders of teleworking or mobile working employees need to provide clear goals, guidelines, appropriate resources, performance accountability, and ongoing feedback -- and then let them accomplish their work. This requires a workplace environment based on trust, mutual commitment to success, and a shared sense of accountability.

Our Telework and Mobile Work training series, with in-person and virtual modules, focuses on the key elements of success: leadership, teamwork, and tools. It provides the skills, knowledge and confidence to supervisors and employees to overcome uncertainties and build and maintain trust in their teams.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance team results
  • Build and maintain a climate of trust with teleworkers
  • Develop clear work plans and task schedules
  • Set challenging performance standards
  • Review progress against goals, and measure results
  • Master effective communication, including e-tools
  • Identify and resolve telework/mobile work problems

Executive Core Qualification Focus
: Leading People
OPM Leadership Competencies Addressed: Oral Communications; Flexibility; Written Communications; Interpersonal Skills

Duration:  Half- to full-day modules or 2-hour webinars

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