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“If I went back to school again, I’d concentrate on two areas: learning to write and learning to speak before an audience. Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively.”
Gerald Ford

Enhance Your Writing Skills

Boost your productivity, credibility and career in this customized combination of classroom work and individual coaching. You'll learn techniques you can apply right away to get your messages across faster and better. High-Impact Writing has made a difference at Fortune 500 companies such as Google and Starbucks, all 15 federal cabinet departments, and the White House.

Bearing little, if any, resemblance to English composition courses, High Impact Writing, focuses on developing professional writing skills through guided practice and personalized coaching. Even if writing doesn’t come naturally to you, our research-based techniques will quickly build your skills and confidence.

Our Approach

  • Lively classroom instruction. Illustrations and exercises will come from your organization’s writing, whether it’s emails, reports or policies.
  • Personal coaching right after class. You’ll meet with our trainer for 45 minutes to discuss your own writing, which our trainer will edit in advance.
  • Personal coaching long after class. Committed to your continued progress, our trainer will comment by email on your latest writing for six months.

What You’ll Learn

  • Content that’s right for the audience and purpose. Save time later by answering three key questions before you write. Win over readers by applying our persuasive strategies.
  • Organization that makes navigation easy. Grab readers and hold their interest with our T design for documents and paragraphs. Learn fresh ways to use bullets, headings and tables.
  • Wording that’s efficient. Learn tested techniques for catching the right tone, punching up weak and passive verbs, finding and fixing wordiness, and much more.

Key Benefits

  • Gain insight into the keys to clear and precise writing
  • Learn to organize your thoughts
  • Focus your writing and write to the point for the convenience of the reader
  • Review the basics, build on them and learn new techniques
  • Establish your own unique writing style and set a higher writing standard: professional, positive, pointed, powerful

Executive Core Qualification Focus:
Building Coalitions/Communications
OPM Leadership Competencies Addressed: Written Communications; Influencing/Negotiating

Duration: 2 days plus coaching

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Enhance your speaking skills in our High Impact Communication Workshop.

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